EntomoBiotics Inc. Forensics is a full service forensic research and pest management firm located at

8411 Columbia Falls Drive
Round Rock, TX 78681

We have been in business since 1980. Our President and CEO, Jerry Cates, is an experienced naturalist with an extensive background in computer programming, systems analysis, and studies in the natural sciences. He has studied the soils, insects, flora and fauna throughout Texas, Florida, Missouri, and parts of southeast Asia, and has been awarded six patents by the U.S. Patent Office on devices used to detect, intercept, and inoculate subterranean termites.

Although a full-service forensic research and pest management firm, we specialize in emergency and unusual pest management issues at commercial and residential sites throughout Texas. Though we perform regular pest management services for commercial clients, our residential client portfolio is limited to unusually complex sites with special problems.


  • 512-331-1111 — this is a landline that has been permanently transferred to Jerry’s cell phone. It is easy to remember, and works well for voice calls, but cannot accept text messages.
  • 512-426-9883 — this is Jerry’s cell phone number. It isn’t all that easy to remember, but it does accept text messages as well as voice communications.


You may contact us through the following e-mail address:

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