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Welcome to EntomoBiotics Inc., EcoSystem Forensics, now celebrating 42 years of service to our clients and customers, all over Texas. Below is a brief description of our company, the services we offer, the research we conduct, and the products we develop, manufacture, and sell.

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Since 1980, we have been a practicing residential and commercial pest management and environmental consulting firm, and are fully licensed and controlled by the Texas Department of Agriculture, Structural Pest Control Service. We offer forensic investigations and analyses, plus affordable, effective, and environmentally sensitive pest control, termite services, wildlife management, flying insect mitigation, and habitat modification services to residential customers and commercial clients all over Texas. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Research & Development

Besides forensic services, pest management and environmental consulting, we conduct basic and applied research in the natural sciences. Our quest to better understand the biology of the botanicals, insects, arachnids, snakes, birds, mammals, and similar organisms with which we and our clients share our space in the world, knows no bounds.  From that research we develop new methods and products designed to produce a safer, more comfortable, and better balanced environment.


Since our inception, EntomoBiotics Inc. has conducted research into the constituents that make up earth’s naturally-occurring cleansers and sanitizers. Some of the most important of these are what we know as spices and herbs. Natural constituents of herbs and spices, which have been accorded almost mystical powers by some authorities, are Mother Nature’s answer to the age-old need for a clean, sanitary, safe, and pleasurable environment. We reasoned that if they work well to protect and extend the lives of our native plants and animals, they ought to do the same for us and our companion pets.

One of the most pressing goals of this research was to arrive at the truth about what herbs and spices can and cannot do. What we confirmed was that many natural herbs and spices, mixed together in powder, granule, oil, and aqueous forms, act synergistically to cleanse human habitats in ways we never imagined. As adjuncts of a broader process we call “habitat modification,” these natural constituents can achieve amazing results. Used regularly, they have the power to eliminate negative habitat-related conditions and make positive contributions to the enjoyment, comfort, safety, and pleasure that humans and our companion pets experience where we live, work, and play.

Throughout this research our focus has been on the application of natural, virgin, unadulterated herbs and spices in all forms. We rejected all synthetic ingredients, and field tested each product to ensure all of the individual ingredients we chose, as well as their interactions in combination would — when used as directed — produce wholly beneficial results.

Over the past thirty years we conducted extensive field testing of these products and made direct sales of them to our clients all over Texas. Now, gratified by the results of that testing and buoyed by the testimonials from clients who have used them, we have finally begun the process of packaging and marketing a select few to the general public. Look for a series of new releases of additional products over the coming weeks and months.

For more information on EntomoBiotics Inc. Forensics and the services and products we provide and offer, please contact Jerry Cates with your questions, comments, and/or your order inquiry; Jerry tries to respond to all questions quickly… 

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